Lexar Professional 600x UDMA CompactFlash Card

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The 600x UDMA CompactFlash card has a minimum sustained speed of 90 MB/s. While this number is certifiably tested, I decided to do a test in real terms in the field. I used it with a new Canon 7D at full RAW where the camera fired a continuous burst for 95 frames and then fully processed the card in under 8 seconds. On a full frame 5D Mark II, with an older processor, it recorded a continuous burst of 18 frames, with only a minute slowdown (approximately 2 frames per second), then continued through the rest of the card. Clearing also took under 8 seconds. A download speed test using a Lexar UDMA Firewire 800 card reader was 79 seconds for 2.24 GBs of files.

The 600x CF card comes in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB capacities. The Lexar Professional 600x CF card includes the latest version of Lexar Image RescueTM software. For more information, go to www.lexar.com.