Logan Crable

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logan crable, photo technique, underexposed

Brooklyn, New York
Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA 2010


“All of these photographs are from my current body of work titled “Indigenous”.  In this body of work I have created fictional scenarios using allegorical characters to represent  scenarios of different abstract moments which can exist in this world.  I push the realistic element in my photographs to make them believable but surreal. I want to blur the line between reality and fiction.  This is a strange world, That goes much further than what one first perceives.  Understanding that these pictures have a strong sense of narrative is important.  I want them to appear as unfinished stories,  enacting themselves long after the viewer is gone. These images live in a world in between our world and our minds.  I purposely leave the images unresolved to create an eternal mystery and ethereal element to them.”