Machine Wash Deluxe

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This is a huge improvement over the former Machine Wash Action sets. The system is a robust rebuild of a great texture system that has moved to a Photoshop plug-in filter with an intricate but intuitive workflow.

Machine Wash Deluxe is downloadable software. It is based on loading one of four sets of textures with the option of buying additional sets. Each set costs $99 and includes the initial software system with the first download. It is intricate in that it can create three layers of textures with elaborate customization of each.

The first layer is the primary Wash layer. It is important to check the box that makes this texture application on a separate layer above the original. This allows further manipulation with blending, opacity and masks. You choose a texture from a preview screen that shows all of the textures you purchased, plus those in sets you have not purchased. Once a texture is chosen, you can change the category, scale and placement.

In the Surface Tab, you can choose another texture and apply scale, texture depth and tone for giving the image the illusion of being a paper relief. In the Background Tab, you can choose another texture and place this as a layer below the image for further blending. You can also change the color tints of the highlights, midtones and shadows independently. Click OK and the three layers are shown in the Layers panel.

The only drawback to the software is that Machine Wash Deluxe is only active with 8-bit images. However, the textured effects can be really amazing. For more information, go to