Meg Madison

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meg madison, underexposed, photo technique

Los Angeles, California

“Rightsizing Narrative”

“Rightsizing Narrative” is a project that grew out of my investigation of memory, and the amazement of discovering what was an actual memory, and what was a memory of viewing snapshots or home movies of an earlier time. I began this project by returning to childhood places to take photographs utilizing the methodology of seventies black and white street photography to create a sense of the veracity of the real moment. Always the intent is on posing the question of what is authentic, pointing out the confusion between this “real moment” and real life.

Then I constructed a second set of photographs with the intent of adding mystery and narrative direction to the first group.  The first documentary photograph gets paired with a second constructed image. Each diptych elicits imagined relationships, encouraging the creation of narrative flow between the images. I have used titles of well-know short stories to bring another lever of narrative to the compositions. The titles, that work equally well for viewers who are familiar with the stories, as well as those who are not, sends the viewer in another narrative direction. This photographic and narrative fragmentation exposes the difficulty in identifying and differentiating between the factual and fictional, questioning our cultural definitions of both.”