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Wendy Erickson

New iBook, “Camera-9″

August 20, 2013

Of interest to our readers: Curated by Chuck Beard, and billed as “a perpetual book of curious photography,” Camera-9 is dedicated to the fine art of photography and features the work of talented artists who are deserving of widespread exposure. The number 9 is relevant: From all submissions for each issue, 9 artists are chosen and each gets a 9-image gallery (or chapter) to showcase a cohesive body of work. Produced in ebook format, Camera-9 is released quarterly on the first day of each season on the iTunes bookstore. It is optimized for iPad viewing, but will also be available for download to Macintosh laptops and desktops at the next OS upgrade. The Autumn 2013 issue (available Sept. 21) is planned as a special double-issue, with 18 featured artists and 200+ pages of stunning photography.

For more info visit http://camera-9.com/ or find it in the iTunes store, under iBooks.