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If you are a photographer who takes time-lapse photography or HDR sequences, this is a camera timing device that fits your needs. This is far more than an electronic cable release−this is a time manager. The Promote Control comes in a sturdy hard case with two cables. There is an optional camera specific cable that really needs to be purchased in order to fully use the capabilities of the control options.

The Promote Control offers time management in several ways:

First, you can focus the camera from the device, providing you use both cables. One Shot Mode is pretty much what other cable release systems have. However, it is in the other modes the Promote Control excels.

In Time Lapse mode, you can set exposure, the interval between images, the number of frames and even set a delayed starting time.

After determining your mid-exposure through test shots, change the Promote Control to HDR Mode. Set up the EV difference from 0.3 EV to 2 EV. Then set the number of exposures. You can also set a Time Lapse repeat of the sequence. You have the option of starting the sequence from the midtone, the lowest shadow or the brightest highlight. Hit Start and Promote Control runs the entire sequence. For exposures over 30 seconds, you need the camera-specific cable, as well (another reason its purchase isn’t really an option). Promote Control will handle exposures up to 1/4000th of a second.

Promote Control also has a Hyperfocal Distance calculator. Set the desired hyperfocal distance, select the focal length, choose a crop factor and Promote Control gives you the correct f-stop. It will also reverse calculate by choosing the f-stop and then give you the hyperfocal distance.

You can even do Time Lapse HDR creating a combination of HDR sequence exposures and different HDR series at time intervals.

The unit runs on two AA batteries and costs $329.00. The needed camera specific cable is an additional $18.95. For more information, contact