Strobies by Interfit

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Strobies is brilliant in its simplicity and incredible in its design. It is a group of light modifiers for portable flash units that can be purchased either as a kit or as separate elements.

We tested the Portrait Kit. For $149 you pick a base for your particular flash unit. The base fits snuggly to the head without requiring Velcro attachment. Then you select options, of which there are many. The Portrait Kit has a large white softbox, 8″ x 12″. Additionally, the kit has a beauty dish, a large globe diffuser for a bare bulb look, miniature four-leaf barn door set, a snoot with optional honeycomb attachments that reduce the circle of project light even further and a larger honeycomb grid for a focused beam.

With complex multi-flash systems being run from inside the camera bodies, having an additional set or a selection of separate pieces for a second flash unit gives you the ability and flexibility of creative portable lighting at an extremely reasonable cost. For more information, go to