The D-Roller

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In an age of roll-feed printing paper, a method of effective print flattening is a critical concern. The D-Roller is simple, fast, and it works. The D-Roller is an ingenious and effective way of taking the curl out of prints. It’s available in two sizes and works with most papers. The process is simple. First, unroll the D-Roller plastic sheet from the weighted core; then place your paper on the sheet with the head of the curl facing up. Re-roll the D-Roller and hold for about 60 seconds. Holding it longer frequently causes the paper to curl in the opposite direction. The hold time, however, does increase as you get near the end of a paper core where curling is more prominent, especially when using a 2-inch core.

The D-Roller can be purchased from Shades of Paper at $249 for the 24″ model and $289 for the 50″ model.